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Little Act, Big Impact

Posted by: Ann Catlin on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 12:00:00 am

Happy Friday!  I want to share an experience that taught me a lot about how a little act on my part made a big difference for someone else.  I was in Mount Dora Florida teaching a Compassionate Touch workshop along with my associate, Lisa.  We stayed at the retirement community hosting the workshop and as I was unpacking, I found a purse in the dresser. The contents made it clear it belonged to a little girl.  Wallet, ipod, lipsticks, etc.  Lisa and I found an identification card and called the phone number.  We explained to the girl’s mom what we found and she told us the story of the “missing purse”.  The girl’s grandfather lives at the retirement community and the girl’s family had visited him.  Upon returning home (in another state) they realized the purse was missing. The girl was heartbroken.  You see she took pride in the contents of that purse and thought it was gone. We agreed to get the purse to her grandfather who would mail it to the little girl.  Everyone was so excited!
Time passed. Yesterday, I got a letter containing a note from the little girl and one from her mom. Here is what they said.
Dear Ann and Lisa,  Thank you so much for finding my purse and returning it to me.  Most people would keep it so thank yall so much. And yall are a god send.  Thank you!  And from the mom,  You two were a real answer to our prayers. I cannot tell you how many people searched for this purse coming up empty handed. The day before you called we had finally resolved ourselves that it was lost forever.  My 7 year old daughter was the owner of this elusive purse. She had saved her own money for over a year to buy the ipod. It was heartbreaking to her to have lost it.  So to find out it was found was like Christmas all over.  Thank you for calling and taking time to care. Your kindness meant a lot to our family.

You can imagine how that letter warmed my heart! What a good feeling to know that such a small effort made such a difference. I like to think the little girl learned something about goodness in people, too.  So the take-away message? Maybe we shouldn’t underestimate the power of little acts.  Let’s all watch for them!
Take care,


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