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"More than met my expectations! I came away knowing this is my work for this time in my life."

Shirley Roshanna, LMT, Compassionate Touch Practitioner, Dedham, MA
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Amy McLoughlin

Waupaca WI

Amy is a licensed and insured massage therapist who specializes in therapeutic and geriatric massage. In addition to her therapeutic massage practice called Art of Massage & Wellness, Amy serves as a massage therapist for a Hospice organization and is a Compassionate Touch® Instructor, training other therapists and health care professionals in sensitive massage and focused touch techniques for those in the later stages of life.  She has taught at Rasmussen College teaching massage techniques for special populations, including pre/post-natal, palliative and acute care. She holds a degree in marketing management. Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Amy was a marketing executive in the event-marketing industry. She enjoys volunteering her time for the AMTA-WI chapter , where she assists members in organizing charitable and fundraising events.

Amy opened her massage practice, Art of Massage & Wellness, in 2004. What began as a one-room massage studio focusing primarily on therapeutic-grade services, grew in 2005 when Art of Massage & Wellness ran for 5 years as a small day spa in Waupaca's King area. As our economy changed, Amy closed the day spa portion of her business and returned practicing as a one-room studio, where she was able to continue in her therapeutic practice while receiving advanced training in palliative care focused touch techniques and specialized communication skills for those suffering with Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia. Now,  Art of Massage & Wellness continues to thrive serving those in their vibrant years with therapeutic table massage while Amy continues to serve her community as a leader and educator within the Massage and Eldercare industry.You can email her at  or give her a call