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"This workshop was awesome! The knowledge Iíve obtained and the self-awareness have been incredible!"

Susanne Norton, LMT Mary Esther, FL
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Our Team

Larry Self

New Smyrna Beach FL

Larry Self, LMT, has extensive experience as a licensed massage therapist, teacher, continuing education instructor, poet, artist, and freelance writer. He serves as a Certified Instructor/Practitioner for Level I Workshops for the Center for Compassionate Touch LLC, to train and enable practitioners to work with elders in long term care and those in the later life stages of hospice care. He served many years as Lead Instructor of massage therapy at several schools in Florida, teaching all state required curriculum subjects necessary for licensure. He holds an Associate of Arts degree from the University of Central Florida and is a long time member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association. His extensive experience as a massage therapy educator continues to serve as a foundation for sharing viable knowledge in serving elders and those near end of life. Larry can be reached at or call him at 386-690-6922.