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"Touch brings forth our innate ability to be a healing presence and we discover deeper meaning in our work as caregivers."

Ann Catlin, Director, Center for Compassionate Touch, LLC
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December 31, 2012


Contact us to schedule on-site staff training for your organization


Center for Compassionate Touch LLC


Eldercare Facility and Hospice On-site Staff Training

We provide a valuable support service to long term care and hospice organizations throughout the country. We deliver evidence-based education which is taught by a leading expert.

We understand the increasing demands placed on care professionals. In particular, the expectation that staff meets standards of care. Eldercare providers are being challenged like never before to come up with innovative ways to incorporate person-centered care. Whole-person care is central to hospice and palliative care, yet caregivers are often challenged with how to best meximize comfort and well-being of patients facing life-limiting illness.

Compassionate Touch is an easy-to-learn person-centered approach that is a non-pharmacological, non-invasive and cost-effective tool in managing pain and challenging behavior. Our training is designed to empower caregivers with the knowledge, skills, and sensitivity to immediately incorporate Compassionate Touch into daily routines. 

This training also enables your organization meet guidelines and professional requirements while, at the same time, enhancing excellence of care and improving staff and customer satisfaction.

  Training topics include: (click on the title below for description)

  1. Compassionate Touch : A Person-Centered Therapeutic Recreation Activity.
  2. Compassionate Touch : An Effective Tool in Dementia Care.
  3. Compassionate Touch : Hands-on Comfort in End of Life Care.
  4. Compassionate Touch : A Powerful Tool Every Caregiver Can Use.

We are happy to customize any topic to meet your needs. 

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