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"Compassionate Touch® has positively impacted my massage work. This video is a must for anyone who wishes to enhance caregiving. It is perfect for family caregivers, health care workers and bodyworkers alike. Using Compassionate Touch® techniques is the greatest gift you can give yourself and those you care for!"
Marianne Stanley, LMT
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2012 LeadingAge Annual Meeting & Exposition

October 21 - 24, 2012


We hope you will join us in Denver for four days of dynamic education sessions, inspiring general sessions, and endless opportunities to re-connect with your peers. Registration will open in late July of 2012. 

Ann Catlin will present:

Focused Touch and Sensitive Massage: An Innovative Person-Centered Bedside Activity

 Session Narrative

This “hands-on” workshop is directed at the therapeutic recreation/ activity professional in long term care settings. Focused touch and sensitive massage has specific applications in facility activity programs. It effectively addresses the psychosocial and sensory needs of elders with advanced physical or cognitive conditions and is a tool to manage challenging behavior in dementia care. This session is designed to empower the therapeutic recreation/ activity staff member with the knowledge, skills and awareness to utilize skilled touch as a therapeutic activity in long term care. Evidence-based findings will be discussed as related to the use of massage in eldercare and it's effect on caregivers.

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