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"When one is touched with a compassionate heart, it creates a sacred moment."

Ann Catlin
White Paper

Compassionate Touch® : Hands-on Comfort in End of Life Care

Compassionate Touch® has specific applications in end of life care. This non-pharmacological approach effectively addresses physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs of the dying person and may easily be incorporated into bedside palliative care.  This “hands-on” training is designed to empower the professional caregiver with the sensitivity, knowledge, skills to incorporate Compassionate Touch® into daily care routines. 

Session Description: A six- hour seminar plus two- hour train-the-trainer session.


1. Describe what it means to be a healing presence.
2. Identify specific benefits of Compassionate Touch® related to stages of the dying process.
3. Recognize general precautions in the use of skilled touch.
4. Safely perform three Compassionate Touch® techniques.
5. Assess the response of the touch recipient and modify approach accordingly.
6. Recognize how Compassionate Touch® impacts the caregiver-patient relationship.
7. Demonstrate the ability to teach other caregivers (i.e. family member) how to use focused touch or sensitive massage in the care of their loved one.


  • Ability to use skilled touch in bedside care of the dying person
  • Three sensitive massage/ focused touch tech­niques appropriate for end of life care
  • Confidence to incorporate skilled touch in daily care routines.

And Experience:

  • Giving and receiving Compassionate Touch®.
  • A greater sense of meaning in his or her work as a caregiver.
  • The mutual benefits of Compassionate Touch®.
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