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"My closest friend was hospitalized with cancer. I had the very real privilege of being able to provide her with some comfort. I wouldn’t have felt confident had I not taken Compassionate Touch®. Being able to provide a service to a friend enabled me to get past feeling helpless in the face of her disease."

Joy Silber, LMT, New York, New York
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Compassionate Touch Sensitive Massage DVD

Sensitive Massage: Reclaiming the Human Touch in Caregiving is an instructional DVD for massage therapists, health professionals and caregivers of all kinds who care for elders at home or in long term care facilities.  For thousands of years the therapeutic use of touch has been known to support healing, relieve pain and provide comfort to those living with the effects of aging or illness. Now you, too, can witness the transformative power of touch and massage.  This DVD is an excellent introduction to Compassionate Touch hands-on approaches.


 In this film you will learn:
     -Focused touch and sensitive massage techniques.
     -Positioning for accessing people in wheelchairs or hospital beds.
     -Specific benefits for this special population.
     -Session guidelines.
     -Safety precautions.
     -Applications for care settings.

Regardless of the kind of caregiver you are-health professional, massage therapist, volunteer or loving family member, the use of touch gives you the opportunity to contribute to another human being in a way that is both simple… and profound.

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What Others Say

 "I found this DVD to be educational, inspirational and a very helpful tool. Its become a great guide to observe how the techniques are done properly. Anyone can have the confidence to be able to deliver these strokes without having to have had prior experience. They're easy to do and the recipient totally enjoys receiving!"
A.M., Licensed Massage Therapist

"I really liked your references to mindfulness and being present.  I think it's particularly important for the elderly who in so many ways become increasingly invisible to a lot of society, especially those in nursing homes." E.B., LMSW, medical social worker

 "This DVD is a great addition to any Massage Therapist's tool box or any other profession serving the elderly or those receiving palliative or hospice care. The techniques are easy to learn and truly aid in bringing a deeper connection to the giver and receiver of human touch. Classic, basic and definitely what the world needs more of."
R.P. Licensed Massage Therapist

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